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" 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' is so
vibrant, so vivid, it's like being in the middle of a
dream world sponsored by Skittles.
The result is pure
fun, a play so filled with enthusiasm and life that even the two
toddlers seated behind me watched in rapt awe, not squirming
or complaining once during its two hour duration. And in my
experience, that's about as positive a review as you can get."
reviewing JOSEPH at WVPT
"Charisma, daring, showmanship,
...  a vivacious production."
-Megan Grumbing, BOSTON PHOENIX
reviewing GODSPELL at the Arundel Barn Playhouse
"...the incredibly funny and
uplifting musical may be best
summed up by a comment from
one audience member leaving the
theatre at the end of the show
who said, '
This is the best show
they’ve ever done here
.' "
-Linda Murphy, Herald News
reviewing FULL MONTY at TBTS
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Press Highlights:
Directing & Choreographing HAPPY DAYS: THE    
   MUSICAL at La Comedia Dinner Theater

Directing & Choreographing GODSPELL at WVPT

Directing & Choreographing THE MARVELOUS

Choreographing HOW TO SUCCEED... at
"The musical high point is the
Act One closer, 'Michael
Jordan's Ball.'
...Six mutts turn
into graceful greyhounds.
This rendering of The Full
Monty is
picture-perfect. See what I
mean for yourself."
"Chris Saunders has returned to direct and
choreograph, and the work that he's done is
remarkable. Saunders and musical director Joseph
Domencic have
driven this cast to the height of
their collective ability while providing the
rock-solid support and focus essential for
such a frenetic show
...Pittsburgh Musical Theater
a big, fat, juicy hit on its hands"
reviewing HAIRSPRAY at Pittsburgh Musical Theater
"The dancers' kicks and dips will not only
impress you, but inspire you to take a
dance class.
...So, if you've been working hard
and punching your card, it's time to lose your blues
and cut Footloose.”
- Anca-Roberta Vlasan, SUN-SENTINEL
reviewing the 10th Anniversary National Tour of FOOTLOOSE
"Chris Saunders’ accompanying choreography is Broadway caliber."
-Christopher Verleger, EDGE PROVIDENCE
reviewing HOW TO SUCCEED at TBTS